Quality Assurance

“Just do this and this, and you’ll become a skilled tester,”

1. Develop a test plan.
2. Write a test plan next.
3. Use Clear, Direct Language.
4. Just include one action and one verification in each test step.
5. Keep tests brief as you can.

GwayERP will help you define your goals, decide what to include in your testing efforts, assign responsibilities, and plan for what you’re going to need long-term in regards to time and resources.

GwayERP test plan delves into the specifics of how each test will be carried out, in contrast to a testing strategy, which adopts a high-level approach to help you direct your testing efforts as a whole.  In this, specific test cases are defined, success criteria are established, test data are prepared, testing kinds are selected, and other tasks. One of the most crucial factors to take into account when creating a test plan is which tests will ultimately need to be automated. We’ve published a comprehensive tutorial on how to do this.

Why testing?
GwayERP software testing is crucial because it allows any faults or errors in the software to be found early and fixed before the software product is delivered. Reliability, security, and high performance are all ensured by thoroughly tested software, which also leads to time savings, cost effectiveness, and customer pleasure.

One of the key benefits of software testing is that it is cost-effective. Timely testing of any IT project enables you to make long-term financial savings. If flaws are found sooner in the software testing process, fixing them is less expensive.

This perilous and delicate advantage of software testing. People are searching for reliable goods. It assists in eradicating hazards and issues earlier. An important need for any software product is product quality. Testing guarantees that buyers receive a high-quality product.

Customer satisfaction:
The primary goal of every product is to provide customers with satisfaction. The optimum user experience is made sure of through UI/UX testing.

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